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About Us

What is a personal concierge

A personal concierge  is someone who will make arrangements or run errands. Our team of  experts with over 40 years combined experience are dedicated to serving  the South Florida area with virtual personal assistance. Click below to  ask us about our FREE TRIALS. 

Our Services

We  are a 24-hour concierge service accessed by phone, website, email or  app.  QTC assists busy parents, working class, socialites, entertainers  and people on the go, by providing agents to complete tasks. Whether  you're looking for simple accommodations, or the whole package, we have  you covered! Contact one of our specialists and we'll help you figure  out the rest. Not sure if we have what you are looking for? Click below  to FIND OUT MORE about services and programs. 

What we can do for you

QTC  can assist in organizing your life so you can have the quality time you  deserve.  Our virtual concierge agents can Make reservations, research  information, complete tasks, pick up/deliver items and set  reminders/wake-up calls. Please contact us, schedule a consult, book one  of our services or speak to one of our virtual personal concierge  agents for your personalized service today. Have more questions? Want to  make sure QTC is the right fit for your lifestyle? Click below to  schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our qualified agents 


Basic Helping Hands Package

  Call-in service 

Premium Preferred Program Package

  Field agent service  

Elite White Glove Package

  Personal concierge  


Hourly Assistance

 An agent is provided virtually or in person 

24 hour Child Care

Scheduled childcare any time of the day (individual and group available) 


Scheduled tutoring virtually or in person (individual and group available) 

Roadside Assistance

Provides 4 roadside events per year 

Extracurricular activities


Event Planning

An agent is provided virtually or in person 


Senior Living

Comfort calls, pickups/deliveries and personal assistance 


Comfort calls, pickups/deliveries and emergency/personal assistance 

Small Business

Accounts for Customers, Employees and Businesses

Includes: Cold Calls, Deliveries, On-call workers 


Accounts for Residents, Employees and  Business

Includes: Wake-up calls, Deliveries, Sit-ins 

Employee Accounts

Custom employee accounts 

Business Accounts

Custom business to business accounts 

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